Top 10 Games to play in 2017

2017 is knocking on us !  There are tons of mobile games out there that want – “YOU” to save the world. Are you ready ? Which realm do you wish to save ?

Let’s try to resolve the conundrum using a hand picked selection of games that are bound to get you hooked in 2017. Read on…

  1. Arcane Legends – This MMORPG with over 10 million downloads is one of the best RPG games for mobile platform. It possesses a diverse chat system amalgamated with a guild framework that is also very active and helpful. Game play requires a certain level of skill and use of special abilities. Supports both PVE and PVE modes. Give it a try. Its certainly one of the best games out there!
  2. Kritika – The White knights – This game by Gamevil is one of a kind. Not many games out there allow AI to take control of your char the way this game does. Don’t get fooled though ! The grind is not to be taken lightly. Cut throat battle mode and world bosses are sure to make your hunger for power insatiable – should you have the audacity to pick up the spear. To battle !
  3. Asphalt 8 –  This racing game sets the bar for mobile gaming. Stunning graphics, over 150+ cars to choose from, exotic terrains and I could go on and on. Give it a try. Even if you aren’t a racing fan you’ll like it for its pure graphics. Then again if you are an avid gamer – Watch out!! Its super addictive !
  4. Need for speed No limits – The need for speed franchise needs no introduction –  and now it’s on mobile !! Graphics are stunning and the game play consists of short but intense races – sure to make you play more and more!!
  5. Deadman’s cross – The stage for this one is set in post apocalyptic era where zombies rule the roost – Until you show up and shoot em up for collection in your horde. This FPS style shooter game play along with a card deck boneyard battle system is sure to want you take out more of that zombie crap !
  6. Dead Trigger 2 – is also a zombie-themed first person survival horror video game developed and published by Madfinger Games. Want a taste of  pure FPS? – Then this game was made for you. This game harnesses the true power of Unity game Engine and is sure to set tongues wagging with your split second distraction resulting in your demise. Concentration is the key !
  7. One piece – Treasure Cruise – Even if you have not watched the anime, ( which I highly recommend you do! ) this game’s timing tap based game-play is sure to get your hand-eye coordination and motor skills put to the ultimate test ! Make your crew and take on the perilous journey to get your hands on the ultimate treasure ever in pirate history – One Piece !!
  8. Marvel Contest of Champions – All the fans, followers and the non-followers and those who are oblivious of  marvel superhero franchise will enjoy this Tekken style game on mobile. Kabam – The developers have truly endowed each hero with skills and specials which work in tandem with combos afflicting lethal blows capable of KO’ing your opponent – Provided you provide the correct timing ofcourse ! This editors choice game is also a must try !!
  9. Real Racing 3 – This game’s realistic style driving experience is as close as it gets to real life. Real cars, real damage. Thought you are good at car racing? Take up this for a challenge and you are bound to reconsider.
  10. Dungeon Hunter 5 – Successor to the popular Dungeon Hunter series – This game is all packed with beautiful sfx and visuals. Myriad  of things to try and do in this game. Just give it a try and you’ll be in love in no time !

Want more ? If you like this list let me know in comments below. All these games have over 10 Million active player base, so you’ll be competing as soon as you enter ! Enjoy and have  GREAT 2017 ! Cheers !



Charm of Fortitude

In Dungeon Hunter 4, Charm of Fortitude


increases the health of the player by x % of the base health.

The percentage increase in the health of the player is tabulated below :

Level 1                   +2% Health

Level 2                   +4% Health

Level 3                   +6% Health

Level 4                   +8% Health

Level 5                   +10% Health

Level 6                   +12% Health

Level 7                   +14% Health

Level 8                   +16% Health

Level 9                   +18% Health

Level 10                +20% Health

So for example if your HP is 10,000 a level 5 Charm of Fortitude equipped will give you a net of 11,000 HP.(10,000 + 10%of 10,000)

Also consumption of Elixir of Health(+10 HP and +20 HP) will result in increasing your health more than 10HP as the increase health is added to your base health and then the percentage increase of the charm will apply.

For example if you have a level 5 Charm of Fortitude equipped and consume a Elixir of health(+20 HP) then you get a increase of 22HP.


  • While this charm is a frequent drop, often you will find only low level drops(Level 1,2 and 3) as a norm and level 4 and 5 are quite rare.
  • So you’ll have to resort to merging of these charms. As a rule of thumb, given the limited size of your inventory, you should not collect level 1 and 2 drops and sell them off right away.
  • Level 3 drops may be stored but only if you have space in the inventory. Otherwise you should sell them too or equip them in some spare equipments or armor and wait for another find of the same level. Then merge the charms to net a higher level.
  • A hack way of bypassing the inventory slots limit is to insert the mid level charm into useless equipment that you won’t use.In this manner you can hold up to 3 charms in 1 slot.
  • Note however that removing the charms out of the equipment will require time and gold. In addition you will require free slots equal to the charms in the armor.If balanced correctly this kind of trade-off will give you a level 6,7 and 8 charm of fortitude in the game after playing for 2-3 weeks.
  • For higher level grabs of charm of fortitude,you can scout for them as Event prizes.
  • As you level higher, try to replace the charm of fortitude with Charm of Essence as it will increase both health and energy.

Dungeon Hunter 4 – How to get Gems and How to spend them

Gems are the premium currency in Dungeon hunter 4 and these are hard to come by (for free).


First things first, this tutorial is for honest players who like to sweat it out in the battlefield, so to earn gems the hard and real way is specially satisfying, if u want like 1,00,000 gems you’ve come to the wrong place.No Hacks, no free lunch, here you’ll find just some advice on the fair, real, honest and the hard way to earn them. So let’s get started…

Here’s what comes in handy when you are gunning for Gems :

1) Never spend gems on upgrades of items or charm removal process.

These take time and naturally you can/should learn to be patient and give time to your charms to brew to a higher level.

2) Never spend gems on buying armor and weapons in the game. It is advisable to craft weapons and stockpile on ancient crystal, void stone and spirit stone to carve some niche weapons.

Gems should be transacted in the following manner :

1) Buy 3-4 inventory slots for starters.

2) Login with your Facebook/Google+ account and you will get a bonus 100 gems. Use this to buy an extra passive skill slot.

3) Now the way forward is to level up your character to participate in online Guild Events as well as Challenges.

Often online Events provide 5 /10 / 20 Gems as you rake up points in the events.

4) You can also participate in Person verses Person(PvP) clashes online.These provide 2 Gems to the winner and 1 Gem for the loser.So you are guaranteed to get a Gem each time you participate.

5) Earlier you could  get Gems in the wheel of fortune but since now that has been replaced,it is getting harder and harder to get gems.But that only increases the satisfaction of earning them when you get them.A goog

6) Buy a tier 13 weapon and complete weekend quests.These will help you with not only earning Xp but also net you a rare  charm like charm of Essence etc..Also if you have some extra gems you can spurge them on buying Tier 49 weapon and so on..Happy hunting.

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Dungeon Hunter 4 Beginners Guide


Welcome to the Dungeon Hunter 4 Guide.

I’m your instructor Praneet.In this lesson we’ll be delving into the epic,mythical and legendary world of Dungeon hunter 4.

So grab your arrows,shields,swords and Knifes.

To Battle ! For Valenthia !

To begin,Select a Battleworn as your starting character.

blog 2

Now selecting a Battleworn has the following advantages:

1) It takes less skill to control a Battleworn than say a sentinel.

2) It has a lot of HP and gains more HP leveling up per level (+60).

Tips at the lower levels(1-20) as Battleworn:

1) Level up quickly to level 9-10 in solo player mode.

2) The best way to spend your gems at this stage is to buy a passive skill and empty inventory slots.

These come in handy later as you start stockpiling more and more charms.

3) To earn quick cash go to the dungeon vestibule and hack and slash your way to earn some gold.

4) Participate in Blood Match and Online events (You may not earn the top honors but hey you may get some free goodies)

Tips at the levels(20-35) as Battleworn:

1) In these stages often you’ll find yourself short on Inventory slots.The best way to deal with this, is to insert rare charms as well as charms of higher level into your Armour and swords.

This will not only boost your stats but also provide you more inventory slots.But be warned.When you remove these charms you need to have free slots as well. So focus on some particular charms for the Battleworn Below:

2) The best charms for battleworn are:


Charm of Agility

charm perception

Charm of Perception


Charm of Essence


Charm of the Monk


Charm of the Ghost

Try to gather these charms and merge these to a higher level as often as you can.

Also Charm of Power may come in handy as well as it increases base damage.

Tips at the levels(35-45) as Battleworn:

You’re growing stronger and your tactics now need to change a little.

Chances are you’ll probably complete the story mode in these levels and will have to confront Drall the First as well.

So here are the points to keel in mind at these levels:

1) Start accumulating Spirit stones as you need to forge Tier 100 armor and shields. Do not buy Void-stone or Ancient Crystal pieces.Convert them into spirit stones.


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